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✓ Participation in a unique conference ONLINE in METAVERSE settings, with the comfort of your couch as well as with fantastic lighting and music – without a corncob in your lower back 🙂 You WILL NOT be bored. (£100)

✓ Five substantial performances by our speakers, who are experts and practitioners in their fields, and they will not sell anything to you from our stage. We can promise it. (priceless experience)

✓ Opportunity to converse and engage with other participants who are linked in the Metaverse through their avatar (£30).

✓ Save time and money that you would otherwise spend on travelling to London!

✓ Access to the Event Application tailored to our conference, where you will find all the information about the event and the details of each participant, as well as the possibility of assessing the speakers’ speeches. However, the most valuable resource in the application is the list of business contacts that will undoubtedly present significant business opportunities for you! Even if you aren’t able to meet everyone, you can follow up with them. (£200)


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